Tradition is the passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation. The goal of the Westwood Warriors is to continue building a solid foundation, based on the very same principles used from our Alumni of the past. We cherish the pride and passion that our Alumni display at every opportunity. As teams move forward throughout the years and during a season. We want to pay tribute to the ones that paved the way.

Where are They Now?

Over a decade as Head Coach of Westwood Christian Basketball, Coach Jose Amat has been able to instill certain traits in his players and the belief that hard-work, sacrifice, determination, and faith in the Lord will carry them throughout their lives.

Eugene Joesph

Eugene Joesph Named to All-Suncoast Team

Alumni Eugene Joesph (C/O 2013) earned All-Conference Honors during his freshman campaign this season. Representing Warrior Pride.

Eugene Joesph First year player, was named to second team All-Conference. The forward, averaged 12.1 points per game and 5.9 rebounds per game. Read More

Thiago Conceicao

Former Warrior Thiago Conceicao has break-out game for The Sage College of Albany.

Sage's junior center Thiago Conceicao (El Portal, FL/Westwood Christian) led the team with his career-best 23 points on a red hot shooting night. He made 11-of-13 shots from the floor and added five rebounds with a pair of blocked shots. He led the Gators at the half with his 17 points after making 8-of-9 field goals and pacing the team to a 45-22 halftime lead. He surpassed his previous Sage season and career-high of 16 points from a week ago in the team's win over SJC-Brooklyn. Read More

Armand Shoon

Armand Shoon - All Tournament Team March 2016

Armand Shoon (Class of 2013) was named All Tournament team for The Sun Conference Championship tournamnet. Shoon scored 23 points on 8-of-15 shooting.

Alumni 2014
Daniel Ramis

Daniel Ramis - Class of 2013

Daniel Ramis has signed his letter of intent to finish his college basketball career at Montclair State University, in Montclair New Jersey. A prolific 3-point specialist, Danny has expanded his offensive arsenal and will be relied heavily by his team for the next 2 years.

Daniel Ramis

Armand Shoon
Armand Shoon

Armand Shoon - Player of the Year - Class of 2013

Armand Shoonhas come back home to Miami, transferring to St. Thomas University, where he will be given the opportunity to shine in front of his hometown friends and family.Shoon is poised for a break-out season and should be considered one of the top players in his conference.

Armand Shoon, named to the All-County 1st team and All-State 1st team as a senior for Westwood. He now plays for D1 FGCU in Naples Fl.

Thiago Conceicao

Thiago Conceicao - Rookie of the Week (Class of 2013)

Thiago Conceicao was named Association of Division III Independents Player of the Week. January 5th 2014.

Caleb Caban

Jonathan Hevia and Nickson Geffrard (Class of 2012)

JP & Nickson Sign-On to Teneessee Temple.

Caleb Caban

Caleb Caban (Class of 2011)

Caleb Caban recently signed with Ave Maria University located in Naples Fl. Caleb was DADE county's leading scorer his senior year playing for the Warriors, averaging 27ppg.

"His dedication to the game of basketball is impressive and his desire to grow as a player is unmatched. Caleb was a lot fun to coach and seeing him reach the next level & play collegiately is a blessing!" Coach Amat.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez (Class of 2008)

JC initially attended the University of Miami as a Journalism and Mass Communications major. He then went to Miami Dade and got an Associate's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. JC spent time as a sports reporter for their school newspaper called The Reporter. Then he went to FIU in January 2011 and shortly after transferring, I changed my major to Psychology. Juan Carlos graduated FIU in August with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Graduating with a 3.95 GPA.

Currently JC is attending Trinity International University in Davie, Fl working on receiving a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. JC plans to pursue a career as a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC). JC has worked in the Miami Dade County Parks Department for about 3 years as a park service aide and is currently employed at the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union as a specialty services representative who helps individuals open bank accounts. JC has assisted Coach Amat whenever time permits, and now has the opportunity to watch his younger brother Gabriel, played for coach Amat as well.

Luis Cruz (Class of 2008)

Luis is attending the University of Miami and pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. He plans on graduating in December 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Second Major in Computer Science. After graduation Luis plans to work as a software developer. He also plans to continue his education, pursuing a Masters Degree as well. "Coach Amat has always helped me with advice & motivation and I try to use it every day in my life."

Allan Pereira (Class of 2010)

Ever since I graduated from WCS I have worked for the school over the summer giving back to the ministry that changed my life. I attended Pensacola Christian College for a year and transferred to Clearwater Christian College the next year. God has been blessing me and guiding me in new directions each day. I still remember a lot of what I learned from playing for Coach Amat.

To put everything I got into what I'm doing. We used to have talks about giving 110% on and off the court as a leader. That sticks with me until today. God has recently reminded me about one of Coach Amat's biggest influence which was to be a man and take initiative to get things done.

In doing that and by God's grace I have started leading friends in bible studies on campus and hopefully soon will be starting a Worship service on campus at CCC. God has always been good to those who truly love Him and is daily pouring His grace on me. I never thought I would have been at a Christian school but I ended up at WCS and since then I've seen His handy work all over my life and growth. As far as the future I'm not too concerned just taking steps of faith knowing my Father is in control

Eric Romero (Class of 2007)

Eric is a proud graduate of Westwood Christian School. He played 2 years of Varsity basketball under Coach Amat when he just first started the program along with playing 2 years of Varsity Soccer, and 1 year of Varsity Volleyball. Eric graduated High School at Westwood in 07' and went on to study at FIU. At FIU he received a Bachelors in Criminal Justice with a minor in business. Eric currently plans on going back for his MBA. "It's been a great joy to see Westwood's basketball program develop so well under Coach Amat's leadership. He is a true friend and mentor to us all."

Rene Betancourt (Class of 2008)

After graduation Rene headed off to Guangzhou, China to meet up with his father and begin studying the Chinese language at Sun-Yat Sen University, a top school in Canton Province. Rene studied there for 2 years. He then studied for a semester at Qing Hua University, widely considered by many to be the top school in China. Rene finally had decided to take it to the next level. He chose to go to Harbin, located in Hei Long Jiang Province. A nice place with sub-zero temperatures (-25C - -30C) and nice people. He studied at a small institute with free tutors and small classes.


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